Technology and Performance Integration Research

Led by Aiyun Huang, the goal of the TaPIR Lab is to examine the following  areas of research related to music performance, composition, and the use of electronics and media technologies:


Technical Baseline: What are the technical skills required in order to execute a work involving technology?

Artistic Vision: How can a performer engage with electronic systems to assert input and control over artistic realization and expression?


Theatricality: How do audiences perceive live electronic music? How can technology enhance theatrical and expressive goals?


Sustainability: How can performers continue to present an electronic work after the date of its premiere and how can we design frameworks to achieve this goal more systematically?


Performance Practice: How does the field come to consensus about these works so that the repertoire can have a life of its own beyond the lifetime of the composer or the first generation of its performers?


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TaPIR Lab’s research activities are funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Grant.