Boyce Jeffries

Research Assistant 2020-21


Boyce Jeffries worked with the TAPIR Lab from 2020 to 2021. In addition to participating in the lab’s activities, Boyce handled a number of administrative tasks such as project documentation, social media management, audiovisual editing and curation of the lab’s YouTube channel, and the initial construction of this website. After completing his doctoral degree in October of 2021, Boyce moved back to his home state of California. He would like to thank Aiyun Huang for the opportunity to participate in the TaPIR Lab, and wishes the new research assistants all the best in their new endeavours!

Group Projects


Trial by Analog, Error by Digital was inspired by two components of our workshops with Levy Lorenzo: electrical currents and Arduino programming. The “analog” sounds of creating and manipulating the flow of electrical current (with a 9V battery and a speaker) interact with the programmed Arduino, both of which are amplified and enhanced by the snare drum. The Arduino code consists of musical gestures that continuously loop until other button combinations are pressed, but an error in the code led to the creation of a glitch. This “error” resulted in the sonic alteration of the tones that emanate from the speaker connected to the Arduino.